By definition, “Beacons” are people, places or things that Guide, Illuminate, and Inspire.

Our center offers life-enrichment, empowerment, and educational programs for both personal growth and business development … lighting up a world of possibilities!


We provide an interactive teaching/sharing environment in an intimate, casual setting. As well as hosting programs aimed at  guiding people through challenging times (promoting emotional and physical well-being), Beacons also engages highly qualified facilitators to lead networking groups and business expansion workshops. Many instructors opt to conduct their own programs in our space, as well.


We put the spotlight on what fabulous local people and organizations are doing in our community, both by hosting Beacons’ sponsored events in our space, and by allowing YOU to showcase YOUR own business, non-profit fundraiser, or social event. Located in the heart of Cherry Creek North, Beacons provides the platform and the storefront visibility which enables you to promote what you do and highlight how you are impacting your community and beyond.


Amazing motivational speakers, seminar facilitators, authors, musicians, and the like, find it easy to inspire their participants in our comfortable, social atmosphere. From casual seating with sofas to classroom/workshop furniture arrangements, our venue’s versatility allows you to create your specific, one-of-a-kind event.