From Clients Hosting Their Own
Life-Enrichment Events and Celebrations

“Had a great experience! The staff is wonderful and easy to work with, and the facility has a great vibe to it.”

Rabbi Shmuly Engel, Chabad of Cherry Creek

“Beacons Community Space provides an exemplary experience for everyone who hosts events in their radiant space! The staff is so helpful, taking the burden off the event coordinator’s hands and making the experience easy and flowing. They have everything you could ever need for any event. The space is warm, welcoming, and energetically supportive; ideal for any transformational events – business or private.”

Meghann Conter, The Mistress of Marketing™ and Founder of Denver Dames

 “Beacons Community Space is an absolutely stunning and polished venue.  However, what really makes Beacons shine even brighter is the team that delivers soul and genuine 5-star care into each event.  Beacons is a ‘feel good’ place and the team, you can rest assured, will have your best interest at heart in delivering a fantastic event!”

Tiffanie Trenck | Entrepreneur | Owner of Tiffanie Trenck LLC

“Beautiful space and vibe, awesome staff. A total pleasure from start to finish.”

Julie Geller, Singer/Songwriter